IN MY TITLEIST GOLF BAG with Mark Crossfield . Mar shows what club has survived and talks about his new Titleist clubs and deal. See what mark makes of this new equipment and if it will help him this year to not lose to Lockey.

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GrandmasterN says:

Question: Could you have had your 9-iron bend on degree weak, to have it spin more! Blades are usually weaker lofted, but that particular 9-iron could be 1 degree stronger than your MP5s???

John Murphy says:

hey mark, good vid, i just got fitted for my new 718 mb’s last week and should be here in the next 2-3 days, cant sleep or even drag myself to play with my callaway xr’s anymore im 2 xcited. i didnt think there was much in it between mizuno’s or the apex or the ap2’s… but i grew up on titleist blades so im goina die using r tryna use the 718’s, but u need a pure strike for the pure feel for the pure sound on every shot, or else its jus goina pure hurt… keep the good vids comin….

Maxwell Arden says:

I have the Tour AD DI6S shaft in my 3 wood and say the same thing when anyone asks 😉 “I AM Jordan Spieth”

Tim Schafer says:

Man! I wish titlest would send me a couple of boxes like that. I should write them and ask.

hustlr23 says:

talk about your fitting at titleist.

lastuberman says:

Blades? I thought Mark was a Mizuno SGI man and was going to go to AP1 or AP3 in the Titleist line.

tnewsted17 says:

And note not even a TM tee or a towel. Is Starbucks a sponsor now?

Lars Hansson says:

I do agree with that your clubs aren´t suited for others, I do have the same opinion as you

Gerry Peacemaker says:

I’ve got the same kettle as that 🙂

Philip Chow says:

Was thinking to buy a M2 driver, people said they hit long, but now I think I shall drop this idea, stick to my 917 which actually gives me solid feel and sound ….

Chris Newson says:


Jake Kalmar says:

what do you think about the new avx ball?

Boges Malone says:

Almost 1000,s in golf balls 17:00

Derek Ross says:

Nice bag bro you’ll love those pretty blades

Victor says:

Hi guys and girls!

Does ant one know if Titleist are going to bring out any New bags or fairwaywoods 2018?

Happy for ansers!

hustlr23 says:

im a 25 handicap and i play dem bladez!

majorsmythe1 says:

Guys can say he sold out but the fact is Crossfield Always liked Titleist and Mizuno irons. He always said he loved their shape and feel, and he raved about the Titleist 716 CB, and he liked the AP2 year in year out. He signed with a company he always liked, no big deal to me.

Dale G says:

For as long as I been watching Marks Vids I  heard him say I COULD GAME THIS CLUB!!!!! Mark I trust you and happy for you ! we all need to pay the bills.

Dan Bridge says:

Just a thought, did they not give you a Titleist tour bag? there is one in the video but it seems strange that they only gave you a pencil (I think that’s what it’s called) bag.

Zach Pearson says:

To get more spin on that 9. You’re gonna need to put that lead tape as low on the back of the club as you can.

Dan Bridge says:

Loving the videos Mark and I have for years.
I just bought a set of 718 AP1 irons based on your reviews. they felt the best to me but it was thanks to your review that I actually considered trying them.
keep the videos coming mate.

cottee1979 says:

Hmmm, love your videos Mark, but not a fan of this immediately. Firstly, bet you wanted that offset gone, they would do it for Adam Scott, but not for you. Second, you have to put lead tape on the 9 iron to get it to do what you want? WTF? Third, did they let you keep the Rinky before or after the snotty email from TaylorMade? One of your trademarks, and great PR for them on the neutrality side of things to let it stay. And finally, not sure there was any need to post the brag shot about just how many free balls they have sent you. Fear not, I will still keep watching, and love what you do, but may give the review videos a miss, and can’t help but feel you have dented your integrity, just a little, with this deal.

shayne walters says:

Rinky dinks is not dead !!! Long live the Ping!!!

Jean Ferret says:

You will struggle to get anyone to like the 917 absolute flop.

Matthias Buhlis says:

Should put one of the midsize Scotty Cameron matador grips on. IMO they’re the best on the market.

Geoff West says:

I love in the bag vids

Brett Valentine-Dunn says:

Mark I have a random question, I’m looking at getting a putting green installed in my back garden, can I ask where you got yours from, did you install it yourself and would you recommend the manufacturer of the artificial grass?

servatius says:

It’s not about wanting to play your clubs, we’re just interested in you and your game

Jim Snyder says:

I have watched this more then once, WOW! My dream Christmas…

Jack Rudge says:

The only thing that I don’t like about you being sponsored is that the choice for your clubs is limited we’re titlesist won’t let you have another club brand other than your rinky dink in the bag I would rather you use clubs that you love and enjoy instead of being paid to use them

Sodthong says:

Sorry, but who cares.

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