Five Things Every Golfer Should Have In Their Bag

Tour pros chime in on common amateur equipment mistakes while Rick Young recommends basic gear needs for every golfer.


TheWildeyeWillie says:

Holy shit! “Hit the fairway lots…” THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong… Thanks Lori!

uvcoach42 says:

Just hit the damn ball…

Michipreneur 1 says:

This is just one big commercial.

MercMan82 says:

2. Rain gloves. Umm no, if it rains then I’m out of there or don’t show up in the first place.

Christian Leone says:

The guy at 2:25 just snorted 5 adderall

Brad Carter says:

let me get this straight.. Stewart Cink is talking the age of golf clubs when he has all of his clubs given to him?? lol.. as a amateur golfer with a 4 handicap I would love to game a new set of clubs every 6 months, but that isn’t in the cards. I found a set of Mizuno mp37 blades I play well with and I will use them til they wear out.

Dec says:

Cool video, but the title doesn’t exactly reflect the content.

Johnpaul Defreitas says:

a jacket and suncreen?? what r u my mom?

Jordan Martinka says:

i always advise people not to carry so many wedges, its just not smart, i personally put a lot of emphasis on my long irons and woods, i only have pw sw and 60 degree… but im just an amateur so what the hell do i know right?

Skitz28 says:

A old bath towel small one of course. Keep one half wet and the other half dry. Leave micro fibre clothes for cleaning your car etc says:

A driver, a wedge, a putter, balls, and tees

Tom24 says:

how to: waste money

m h says:

Does it have to be a microfiber towel?

magzire says:

forgot the most important item, beer!

Grant says:

Cool video but I’ve found that microfiber towels really aren’t great for cleaning out grooves. Best are the really cheap and rough/scratchy rags if you get them wet.

Logan Hoggle says:

Hey is golf clubs something you need in your bag?

James Bond says:

The lightweight waterproof jacket he speaks of is not usually found in my bag in the UK , apart from brief intermittent periods during the “summer” im wearing mine!

Zach Smith says:

The club fitting thing is such an advertising scam.

Connor Smith says:

clubs balls beer and cigarettes

Captain Ron says:

Some good information here but I’m always wary of claims regarding golf equipment specifications. In this modern era of golf, there are many objective ways to evaluate equipment such as the characteristics of certain types of golf balls and clubs. Regarding shaft flex (within reasonable parameters), it really doesn’t matter what shaft one uses (according to the “swing machine” tests I could find). Of course, there’s the issue of “feel”, but beyond everything else, I’m interested in measurable and objective analysis – its always possible that my “feel” is not necessarily the best judge of what is best for me.

The same is true for golf balls. I’m not interested in minute differences between types of golf balls. First, I want reliable measures that show significant differences in types of balls. This gets me “in the ball park” of what type I should be using. After that, its “feel”.

coachcashmoney says:

My bag IS heavy!!! I have 6 golf balls a round. I usually lose 3.

KlixTrio says:

Yeah blah blah blah…little tips and all that. Guess what makes you really good at golf…practice. Screw all the technical stuff. You don’t need $3000 shoes to run a marathon

SuperxSlugger says:

I only use my putter… drive it about 327… perfect height on my chips… but my putter isn’t good for putting

Reg Wright says:

I had a bong in my bag. Great round of 18.

Nick says:

What kind of jacket was that?

Joel Thought says:

I really needed to know that i need jacket when it gets cold. I would have frozen my breasts off without that advice. Thank you

jhorn188 says:

These pro tips don’t seem to be aimed towards the average (weekend) golfer at all, but to fairly wealthy scratch players. For the average golfer a couple of swing lessons will just dwarf any improvement equipment could make.
– A set of clubs from the rack not being perfect fit makes very little difference to a 15+ handicapper. Reading up just to not get the complete wrong equipment is enough at that level.
– Clubs are pretty expensive, doesn’t make sense upgrading often if you play 5-25 rounds a year. Plus drivers and irons don’t really improve much year to year, 5 year old clubs preform almost identical to the latest models if in good condition.
– Shaft flex also makes very little difference to an average golfer. There might be tiny gains in getting the perfect stuff but really not much for the average golfer.
– Golf balls…carry few and hit the fairways lots…yea that would be great.

Phillip Oliver Holtz says:

And here’s a list of 5 things NO golfer should have!
1> pvc pipe custom putter holders
2> hand towels on belts
3> chippers
4> iron covers
5> “unbreakable” tee’s

Ferrari458italia says:

So I’ll say this when it comes to getting fit for clubs, and I work and have worked at golf courses and stores that have plenty of equipment for a proper fitting. Most of the time the club fitters don’t feel like they want to give you a proper fitting. They give the feel that they want to just get you on your way with a set of clubs so they can make their commission and move on to the next person. I’ve tried to get fit multiple ways, both as a walk in when the store wasn’t busy, and as someone who paid and had a set time, and I’ve only had one experience where the fitter felt like he wanted to get me in the proper driver, and I didn’t pay for that experience. So perhaps people aren’t getting fit properly because we who work in those positions for the average golfer don’t give them the respect they deserve.

Justin Aaberg says:

10 more golf balls than I need is gonna make the bag noticably heavier? Ok dipshit

Skitz28 says:

A old bath towel small one of course. Keep one half wet and the other half dry. Leave micro fibre clothes for cleaning your car etc

ToddtheExploder says:

You forgot to mention a loaded revolver. This can come in handy when you get the yips on a two-footer for the match, or when the foursome ahead responds discourteously to your entreaties that they speed up their pace of play.

j west says:

5 things eh. Sandwich, drink, choccy bar, lots of spare balls and mobile( turned off so the missus can’t ring you).

snowfreak551 says:

Dip x5

wolfmanrobert says:

1. water/beverage
2. food
3. towel for cleaning bal/clubheads
4. Deet /Bugspray
5. band aids

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