Custom Vessel Golf Bag Unboxing [AND GIVEAWAY]

Our old golf bags were in a word….BEAT! And as many of you have pointed out in the comments, it really was time for some golf bag upgrades.

Well, we’re excited to announce that our new custom Vessel golf bags have finally arrived and WOW are we excited to share them with you!

Plus, we’re giving a Vessel golf bag away to one lucky subscriber.

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Whispers Whispers says:


Lewis Brotman says:

Wow need one of these bags ASAP

Joe Gottsch says:

Those are so clean!

Pat Lann says:

Good looking bag. I’ll have to check them out.

Tyler Haunschild says:

Great vid!!!!!

rgittles says:

Bag looks awesome!

meghan noell says:

im in luv

Jason Gong says:

Those bags are awesome! Hope to win!

Nelson Flores says:

Sick bag!

Robbie Keenan says:

Another great video and a sick bag!! Keep up the good work guys.

Derek says:

Great looking bags!

Ahmad Hanifah says:

Those bags look awesome…

Elisha Porush says:

Such a nice bag!!

Jonathan Carpenter says:

Looks great

Ian Stusak says:

Great looking bags

Mike Pruitt says:

Awesome bag!!!!!

Brian Kluck says:

The waterproof zipper looks like it works better than the ones on my current bag.

meghan noell says:

wow this is the sexiest golf bag i’ve ever seen lololol, ill take ur trashed one if i don’t win tho HAHAHA

Whodog 0_0 says:

Great video

Brent Wells says:

Thanks for the opportunity! What an amazing bag.

Adam Richards says:


dakota barrett says:

Awesome content guys!! Love the bag will be picking one up here soon!

Francis Resurreccion says:

Great Looking bag

Stephen Fenton says:


Jaja G says:

Woah nice!

Tyler Haunschild says:

I really hope I win a bag those look insane!!!!!

Robert Rainey says:

I really like the way these bags look without looking like a sponsored tour pro… it’s like I want to have the best without looking like a wannabe! The subtleness is exquisite!

Erik Anders Lang says:

Is it weird that I want a bag that says ERIK FASANO?

Nathan Romanoff says:

Absolutlely great looking bag. Congrats guys.

Kirk Boland says:


Daniel Blaeser says:

Good luck to eveyone who has entered love the vuds

Ben Francis says:

Like the white. Very clean, for a month anyway.

Robert Rainey says:

Quality looking bag!

Elisha Porush says:

cool bags!

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