Best Stand Bags 2019 – We Crown A Winner! Golf Monthly

► Golf Monthly Editor Mike Harris talks you through four of the best stand bags in 2019. Be sure to watch until the end to find out which is his favourite!

► Bags featured are the Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry, TaylorMade FlexTech, Sun Mountain H2NO Lite and the Ping Hoofer.

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Mark Williams says:

Sun Mountain in black..with dark lettering..would be my pick.

Johnny Mullins says:

Maxfli bag Honors 6 way bag very good bag

Craig Talbot says:

Currently using the stadry 4up last year’s, but like the look of the ping hoofer here, nice review!!

Jack Henderson says:

I bought that new ping bag …. strap snapped within a week – shit bag do not buy

David Wilson says:

used sun mountain for 8 years now, current one H2NO cannot fault them. cannot understand why someone would not want a 14 way divider.

Shawn Allen says:

Sun Mountain has the worst stand in the business. Can’t compare to the ping stand.

adam wade says:

Love the titleist bags and have last years stay dry bag but have to agree the strap system is poor. Have put my old titleist dual strap on it and is now perfect. Contacted titleist about the issue with the strap system and they really weren’t very helpful only saying that they were sorry I wasn’t happy with the strap system and that it was my right to return the bag. My view is that if people want a single strap bag then buy one dont try to convert a dual strap it simply doesn’t work.

Damian Jackson says:

Sun Mountain or the Ping

Fiasco Stud says:

I just carry in the winter, currently have a cheap Dunlop Storm Waterproof bag, keeps my stuff dry and carries exactly what’s needed.. roll on the summer… Was a Soccer Sports special (steel) £75!! Because it rains a lot up North I’d have to opt for the Sun Mountain, but that’s a steep price!! Cheap n Cheerful it is for me then.

Neal Sokay says:

Sun Mountain, love the features and looks

Chris W says:

Ping make amazing clubs, however the HOOFER is and always be a dodgy bag, sorry Ping. it’s not stable, it can’t stand tall without falling over. Probs my worst bag I’ve ever used. I’ll keep looking.

Allan Butler says:

Great and very useful review thanks. I’ve been interested in the sun mountain h2no bag. They used to have a belt attachment call zero-g that puts the weight around you waist, do you know if the current version can do the same? Thanks

Carol Dulin says:

always like to know the weight of the bag. They all get heavy with 14 clubs so nice to shed bag weight as a starting point.

Scott Dreyfus says:

Sun mountain produces Titleist and taylormades bags.

J Grif says:

I miss the Ping L8 plus. Great lite bag .

BTatHome says:

I have an old Masters Edition TM bag, and would definitely be happy to update to the new version. No qualms at all from me, apart from mine is White/Green and does show the muck a little. So the new colouring would be great for my usage.

dhit62 says:

I got the Taylormade bag for Christmas for $139. Good enough for me. I don’t need anything fancy. Great review. Thanks!

helopuro says:

Good video !

Oliver Bull says:

Right at the very end when he picked the hoofer there was a clip of the rain hood cover, just below it said “cart strap” is that a possible way of holding the legs together which you said was something it didn’t have on the individual review which was your negative

Corynsboy says:

Confused information. This guy’s opinions are terrible. Why not treat Waterproof bags separately rather than comparing apples and oranges. Also if a company tells you a colour is blood orange and you think it’s red, It’s blood orange and it’s you that is wrong, not an entire design department of one of the biggest manufacturers in the golf industry. Water gets into a non waterproof bag. I don’t think this is a criticism. Unfussy bag, but needs a needless fussy bit. Do you have any journalistic training? I think that you are just standing next to a bag and talking. Usual confused lazy journalism from Golf Monthly. How are you mugs still getting away with this nonsense?

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