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petersent123 says:

i have been gaming the project a’s since they came out. They are amazing and for $10 cheaper than premium balls in the US i recommend them to anyone.

Darryl De Rosas says:

Great video I’ve been playing these since they came out and they haven’t disappointed me one bit…it does a great job holding its line in the wind and I can’t complain about the price!!!

Victor Rodriguez Sr says:

I play the Project (a) and absolutely love them. More distance for my slow swing speed and decent stop with mid irons. My go to ball when I cant find Q Star Tour.

M G says:

Please review the Srixon Q Star Tour! It would be a direct competitor to the Project A. It has a urethane cover and is only $30 a dozen in the USA which is insane value!

Robert Macalintal says:

I’ve been using the Project (A) for over two years now and for $35 you can’t do any better. I flirted with the Srixon Q Star Tour for two rounds and came back to the TaylorMade. It beats the QST in every category for me. It’s the only piece of TM equipment I use

MIGEL- NOREEN Valadez says:

Would you mention in future shows on ball reviews if they make it in yellow? I’m partial to hitting yellow balls as I’m sure others are too. I would hit Prov1 if they made them in that color. Don’t know why they don’t. Do you?

Simon Short says:

Have used these for a while, love them. Noticed that they jumped from $2.75 per ball to $4.00 when they introduced the new one. Also use Callaway Chromesoft, Titleist DT Trusoft and I used to play the Bridgestone E6 which seems to have disappeared.

Plopracer says:

Wilson soft feel, not premium but a great performing budget ball for those of us that loose a few!

Simon Goodwin says:

Nice one Rick, was really good to see the numbers on this. Have been playing with the Project (a) ball for a year or so now. Have tried the TP5, Pro V1 and couldn’t tell there was any real difference other than the other balls being $13+ a dozen more expensive. Really good to see the numbers are up there with them and it wasn’t just all in my head. Thanks Rick

Ricky McCulley says:

I liked the project a. I was told that it was for slower swing speeds but I don’t know if there was any truth to that but I did see a big difference compared to what I was using but now I’m using the Qstar but want to give the tp5 a go. Great review Rick.

A Davis says:

I really like those project a’s when I tried them, however they are too soft for my liking. Rick comparing them to the TP5 is spot on. I just wish they made a project aX

civictech1 says:

Your a thane

Paul Gerencher says:

I have always liked that ball, but I use Kirkland now … (I have a supply that should last)

Joe Perez says:

Price point, it is around the equivalent of the Titleist NXT line, so that would make the Project (a) Taylormade’s 2nd tier ball. I received a sleeve of these as a sample and was impressed with no complaints, other than the fact that eventually lost them all. Is it just me, or does the cover layer look awfully thick?

mike jazz says:

awesome as always rick I’m currently using the Wilson staff duo ball

Joel Peart says:

Yep, spot on. I used to buy them when they were relatively cheap, but the price has seemed to creep up towards that premium bracket in the past year or so ):

John Moors says:

Hi Rick, I’ve been using this ball since it was released circa 2 1/3 years ago. Where I’ve found it scores is on “Tight” courses with lots of rough because the spin rate is very high and it’s easier to control. Where I find it weaker is in windier conditions where the spin rate is too high compared to Chrome Soft, particularly with long irons – 3 wood – it doesn’t penetrate the wind and I can’t get the “flat” flight. hence i tend to use it on calm days, typically in Spain / Morroco / Turkey. Latter said I also rate this ball and am happy to recommend it to other Cat 1’s…..

Steve Troiano says:

Validation! I’ve been raving about this ball for years to my playing partners but no one took interest. Stops on the greens for me better than the pro Vs. You should have mentioned the $30 per dozen cost. Awesome value.

Mark Rehfeld says:

I would love to see a comparison between this and qstar tour (both 3 piece and same price point)

Constantine999 says:

I play the TP5X and the Project A. TP5X IS THE better ball by far further and better spin than the PA. The project A creates less spin but feels softer is a great alternative to the pricey TP5X.

Williber says:

Tp5 vs. pro v1 vs. chrome soft

Petri Keskitalo says:

You should do a comparison with this ball and a lower spinning ball like chrome soft. Especially short irons, there is a big difference. I use this ball to show people (on gc2) how much difference there can be between balls.

Isaac McNutt says:

Can you test the callaway “diablo” and the Bridgestone “tour B XS” please

Riley Reynolds says:

I’ve been using this ball and I have no complaints great for spin and feel around the green. Way better price point then a ProV1 or TP5

Sven Hallauer says:

Love to see a head to head between this ball and the Volvik Vivid XT ball.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Nice review, couldn’t agree more, this is a very solid performing golf ball. Kinda got lost in the shuffle but definitely worth a try to those who haven’t yet already. Loving these reviews

Anthony Tran says:

Why you didn’t Review the Titleist NXT tour And NXT tour s

Daniel Keating says:

Played these for all of 2016 and really liked them. Played TP5 this past season, and I’m going back. For the $10+ more per dozen there isn’t a difference in my mind. Nice review!

gillettecrackers says:

Seems like this should be your ball.

J Bob says:

Tried it. It’s ok. Can’t beat the Callaway Chrome soft. The project A seems to go out and then just fall out of the sky where as the Chrome soft seems to stay in the air longer. Like to see a head to head vs the Chrome Soft.

notformebeaky says:

It’s a great ball, most golfers aren’t good enough to get the benefit out of the Premium balls like Pro V and TP5 so it’s worth giving it a go and saving yourself some money.

e99783 says:

Please review snell golf balls

Eric Son says:

Rick – love these golf ball reviews!!!!  Can you please test Wildon Duo Soft Golf Balls?  They claim world’s sofest golf balls with compression of 29.  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this ball and see how it performs with your swing / evaluation.  Looking forward to it!

William Howard says:

TAYLORMADE PROJECT (a) I love this ball

Shooter McGavin says:

Love this ball, been using it now for 2 years. So durable and after 18 holes there are barley any scuffs. Pro V1X seem to get cut up after a few holes.

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