TAYLORMADE M3 DRIVER FULL REVIEW – RICK SHIELS – PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the TaylorMade M3 driver over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible

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James Martin says:

Seriously slick format and editing. Kudos!

Blake L says:

Love the new review format! Also please continue to be honest, I know that brands give you these products for free and you have to be somewhat careful about what you say; but as a subscriber I am counting on as unbiased an opinion as possible.

Stevo Is Lost says:

Great honest review, love the new style.

Ian Ward says:

Great review format! Detailed, informative and honest. Well done

Bjørn Helge Kjærnes says:

Great review! Hope your doing the same kind of review for the other brands too. Looking forward to see in the bag after all the testing you have done!

beaney56 says:

I am really loving this new format!

John Donnelly says:

Great review

Irvin Lee says:

great review!  just down and dirty details!  but will it help the average joe hit straighter drives if they aren’t trying to shape shots?  or result in a tighter dispersion (with an intent to only hit straight drives).

Roger Sturgeon says:

sound keeps going quiate

Tyler Egan says:

Absolutely love the new style of review Rick!

Dominic Shone says:

Good video Rick, I like to more thorough review style.
I was skeptical of twist face doing what they say as I used to hit a high slice when hitting from the toe with an out to in swing path. Can’t help but think that miss would be higher and even further right with the new face as it’s opening and adding loft.

Michael Pasvantis says:

Really great review and I love the new format. Top notch. Interesting take on twist face as well, I wonder how their tour players who are skilled enough to work the ball will deal with the same issues you had. I think traditional bulge and roll covers more bases on mishits whereas twist face has the potential to accentuate some of those poor strikes. Overall strike is king and how you deliver the face will override any technology.

Brendan Hanley says:

Love the new format! The statistics are brilliant and your approach to testing is the bomb. Keep up the sensational work with the best online reviews. Loving it Rick

Old skool Golfer says:

Great review Rick just as I suspected just a gimmick & nothing revolutionary .


Thanks for addressing the straight right shot….OB?.. Elephant in the room?

robin bell says:

Great review. Unbiased and to the point. I love that you’re really road testing the clubs now.

Simon Whitehead says:

Like the new review style, good to hear the good and bad results and you confirmed my suspicion (based on my ball striking) that the toe isnt always open/closed and the results can be worse.

OK whens the rogue one coming 🙂

Robert Gleed says:

Great review Rick love the new format

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

Never seen so many tour pros so close to the top of the board hit it so far off target, DJ in the water right, Rory in the desert twice

3 Putts Golf says:

Just wanted to say I LOVE the new review style. Much more in depth and comprehensive.

TheGreatDadditelli says:

Cracking review Rick, great detail

bluffgubben says:

I think this has to be one of the better versions of club reviews. The chart with numbers is just so spot on, exactly what I have asked for in previous reviews. What numbers should you hit and in what range is “good”. Best thing is that I am still convinced that my first edition M2 driver still is one of the best drivers out there for me. I was intrigued by the epic but it just doesnt look as nice 🙂 keep it up!

2007zodiac says:

So basically, twist-face is a Gimmick!, pointless bringing this out…

Lakhwinder Singh says:

Great review mate. Well done

Brad S. says:

After seeing this thorough review, I really like the new format. The first review isn’t really needed at all. This review covers everything.

Brendan Hanley says:

Love the new format! The statistics are brilliant and your approach to testing is the bomb. Keep up the sensational work with the best online reviews. Loving it Rick

YourGirlfriend'sBoyfriend says:

Pretty sure this guy already made an M3 video. I guess he needs more money.

todd harrison says:

The twist face was designed to eliminate a hook off the high toe which is why they went straight. If you aimed down the middle you will use have hit the center of the fairway. Trust me you need to eliminate the hook

J BM says:

Love the new review format – way better to wait a few days and get this kind of in-depth view. Appreciate the work that this must take.

Mike Eastridge says:

Great review thank you.

MrKydaman says:

Apparently the M stands for Meh.

Chiang Chih-I says:

Thanks for detailed review. That’s really informative!

Alan The Golfer says:

Super review Rick, another level!

Old skool Golfer says:

Yer loving the indepth review system & the unbiased way you do them #honest

Carl Meyn says:

digging the review. The audio seems quieter on this one.

Jeremy Reeves says:

Really enjoy the new review format. Helpful for anyone considering spending big $$ on new clubs.

Craig Berry says:

Have to admit, i agree that i think this would make my high right miss even further right. Face angle at impact is everything as Trackman states. Twist face comes into play when it his toe/heel and the face is square at impact which many of us ARE NOT. This review made my mind up. Thanks Ricky

Amateurgolfnut says:

Love the new review format.

vince guest says:

Hammerhead looks similar to the sole of the Adams XTD Ti driver.

Justin Taylor says:

Don’t need the preview video a couple of weeks before the in depth. If competition beats you to first initial review don’t worry, none are as comprehensive as this new format and that will keep you number one in the now super competitive you tube golf Club review market. You are always seeking to improve, never loose that drive, people notice and respect you for it. The best just got better.
Wishlist – Find a stratch handicapper (ie consistent ball striker ) like your self but with a slower Reg shaft swing speed. Interested to see How the clubs perform in this zone as well. This is my specs hence the request

Robert Salazar says:

Thanks for the honest feedback. Im glad you spoke up about the hype. I need to test it and I wont buy it off the shelf thanks for the suggestion

woody5581 says:

Rick, good review. But i preferred watching you hit more shots on track man

NovaScene says:

Love the new format, nice work Rick!

Mike Ferrannini says:

Wow!! Now that was a review I can depend on and know what to look for when testing…great job Rick!

James Evans says:

very good review, like the new format and the way you presented the information on club strike. Well done keep them coming!!

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