PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the latest TaylorMade GAPR club on the course at Burnley Golf Club and at the Quest Golf Academy on GCQuad!


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to nglu says:

Looks realy interesting, but i would still use my rescue.

Dat Phan says:

Oh yeah yeah

Afthanom Kulikov says:

I like the gapr hi

Brody Mellinger says:

Great video

TalkyMcTalkFace says:

Oohhh Gappa mid might be exactly what I’m after….

superci says:

So what would you say to the p790 UDI owners curious about GAPR LO? Worth the change or not? @rickshielsgolf

Simon Besek says:

Could you do a GAPR LOW vs P790 UDI?

manudithurbide says:

Amazing video Rick! I would use the Gapr MID! Is not as chunky as a hybrid and not a small as the mid! I would rock IT!

Trevor Gill says:

Great video! I’d go Mid

dan mackey says:

Rick what lofts do they range from?

Tony Frese says:

These clubs just don’t look the part. At $250 a pop, they better look as good as they perform.

Xdezswaq says:

Rick you did well to avoid saying how shit these are, whilst at the same time demonstrating that they are clearly shit. Good review.

stuart gogay says:

agian taylor made don’t live in the real world with their prices. got to pay tiger’s wages and other pro as they are so hard up. these will not bring down the average golfers scores.

Greg Murphy says:

Hmmm, gapr or hybrid. Time to get this checked out. Thanks Rick. 🙂

Mike Gregory says:

Love your content, but fuck me stop telling us to subscribe and smash like. We get it. Once is fine

Colton Morris says:

I like the GAPR! I would definitely use the HI. It is closest to what I use now.

Rick Shiels Golf says:

JOIN THE *#1KCLUB* (First 1k comments & likes will be entered into a exclusive prize draw)

Q: Do you like the GAPR? If you were to play one which one would you use (LO, MID or HI)?

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Knowledge is the key. says:

Speed foam aka expanding foam. More shite from Taylormade.

Grant Charles says:

They look nice I like the hi as I like hybrid clubs but the price is a bit mad as most clubs are at the moment

Jay Miller says:

I would play the mid. Not a huge hybrid fan these look like a good alternative.

JON P says:

Color scheme is an instant no for me

ScottyStudioSelect says:

The gapr looks like something I’d leave in the crapr.

Ewen Jones says:

I love the idea of having a 2 iron in my bag. I just don’t see a time when I would be brave enough to use it. The GAPR Low would be one of those clubs which work brilliantly in the shop but would be used twice once you purchased it.

mike smith says:

GAPR Mid. Good all around club

The Average Golfer Sway Baez says:

I’m not a taylormade fan at all. Hate the drivers but these clubs look amazing!!! No thanks tho lol

Adam Bos says:

350k subs! great work Rick!

Keith Scheer says:

They make sense would like to try one!

Hempyist says:

Look a good club . Would you put one in the bag Rick ?

thomas ross says:

NO, all set on hybrids, besides I have my Cobra F-7 3 wood & 5 wood with extra shafts, who needs more, me & my new MP-18 MP18sc combo with Modus shafts. Work of art.

David Nelson says:

So in conclusion the GAPR hi is just a hybrid and the other two are the ping G Crossovers but nowhere near as good.

Carrigan Custom Detailing C.C.D says:

#1KCLUB. As usual great video and review. I think the mid would be a decent option, but for the price, I don’t see any major advantage over a regular hybrid. #wontbeinmybag

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