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Joe Dubiel says:

Great hybrid. Looks awesome , played awesome. Great review Rick!!!

Jeff M says:

That outfit is the opposite of flattering

Mike Preston says:

How come your not using the gc quad?

Sodthong says:

Just hit it straight man, its not hard.

Andrew Bassitt says:

Rick, does altering the loft affect the draw/fade bias at all?
(for instance, is there a difference in club performance taking a 19 degree hybrid and making it 17 degrees, and taking a 17 degree hybrid and making it 19 degrees?)

Dan Fry says:

stop with the crappy accent! its FAKE!

Mr Kipling says:

Nice bit of kit. Well reviewed Rick. Maybe the first few shots were pilot error, ie not trusting the club to not go left? You smashed it once you got used to it!! Thanks for posting.

spocktra50 says:

Double dare you to put it in the bag Rickster !

kvgolfa says:

Was hoping you’d review this. I looove the shape of these clubs but haven’t found them to hit yet. Also interested in the 16* model as a 3 wood replacement. They seem a bit spinny tho

Dante Martin says:

The only hybrid that looks good, and seems like the ball won’t go astray. Maybe I’ve had bad experience?

Adolfo Zayas says:

LOve the color, really interested in testing it out

Thomas Hickey says:

Hey Rick I’m 15 and I just got the callaway apex ut in 21 degrees because I always hit hybrids like you, way left. You convinced me to get this club and I love this club. Thanks Rick!

Alan The Golfer says:

Nice review. Great looking club.

James Harvey says:

Looks great! If I hadn’t just swapped my i25 hybrid for a G Crossover (because the hybrid kept disappearing left on me) I might be interested!

Italy Vibe says:

their really nice but the new Cobra baffler is the best hybrid out , i play mp-59’s and Mizuno’s irons are amazing, Rick is actually playing the new baffler i believe it’s in his bag! good choice!!!!!

Carter Kneeland says:

“It feels like they’ve gone real top-end with these products this year.” Immediately proceeds to toss head over on the floor. Lol.

Alan Parr says:

Correction…, Mizuno was ALWAYS known.., not “also”. Sorry bout that.

James Littler says:

Such is the ease of changing the lofts of these clubs these days you can even change them midround with little chance of being seen.

Dylan Salster says:

Do a closest to the pin comp with rob and Pete

mackay19850203 says:

Once you set it to a specific setting, it becomes one club, not 4.

dust1905 says:

Looks great!

Adam Denison says:

I thought about getting the 2H and cranking it down to 14* as a fairway replacement but not sure if a hybrid at 14* would produce enough height to really be effective. I hit my 3w around 240 carry w/ a lot of roll out but miss both ways. I have a 19* steelhead hybrid that I hit dead straight 225 carry but very little roll out. Basically I’m looking for the consistency of my hybrid but needing another 15-20 yards out of it if I were to replace my 3w. Why replace my 3w?…Because it’s my least consistent club in the bag. At least if I hit driver off the deck I know 100% it’s going to fade lol haha.

Ewen Lindsay says:

you need to put this in your bag

Alfred Tu says:

Tested this at Toronto golf show and its pretty unreal feel and sound. Not sure about how long it goes, but felt great! Also, Rick when are you doing the wedges review?? I saw that picture with all the wedges!!!

Nixon Gill says:

Avg total yards for the 4 good shots was 235

Justin Abrams says:

so sick looking. hit it today and it BOMBS. 82 extra stiff.

sehnaz1 says:

Most hybrids I’ve used tend to have a draw bias. Better than using a long iron though.

Brady Bunda says:

I am 14 and play off of 2

Jonathan Ruiz says:

thank you for finally doing the jpx 900 series!!!

Luis Zunzunegui says:

Hey Rick, what do you reckon is a good gap (yard wise) between hybrid, 3-wood and 4 iron? thx

Dwayne Meyers says:

Hey Rick it’s good to know I’m not the only who has problems with the hybrid clubs going left. That club seems to be very user friendly. Love the demo’s.

Tim Tran says:

Looks a great club. I have that problem you mention where my 4 iron goes the same yardage as my 3 hybrid. Seriously interested in getting fit for this. Thanks for the insight mate.

Matt says:

Nothing has ever beaten my seve hybrid ,,but it’s getting a little beaten now ,,so may try some hybrids this weekend.

Joe Dubiel says:

Looks like you found a good hybrid for your bag Rick!!!

Ste Smallman says:

Love that hybrid

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