Joel’s Vlog #1 | Best Winter Golf Gear | Golf Monthly

► In the first of a new video series following his movements, Golf Monthly’s Technical Editor Joel Tadman picks some of his favourite items of winter kit and gives you his winter golf gear essentials.

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james benyon says:

Did these ever get given away?

gordon o'riordan says:

Good video, love just a standard base layer

Mark Sheehan says:

Very good video! The snood is the hidden gem!

B P says:

Good Video. Those gloves would help in winter !  Decent hat is my best item.

Suzanne Heffernan says:

Love the comprehensive review of all the products, keep it up.

Lewis Watt says:

Under armour cold gear reacter

Andrew Cargill says:

Galvin windstopper pom-pom hat. Stylish and warm. Also snood is a great unobtrusive addition. Great vlog.

ian evans says:

Definitely the snood was my best buy.

Essex Golfer says:

Under armour cold gloves. Plenty of grip and keeps,some cold at when playing

Jay Allen says:

Ping woolly hat. Had it years .pricless

Iain Colgan says:

An item not mentioned, handwarmers, in the pockets and or in the mittens. I hate wearing bobble hat’s, I tend to wear a cap and use my snood, good base layer, shirt and footjoy chillout extreme with waterproof bottoms ( galvin greens).

Jeremy Crowley says:

Enjoyed your first vlog….UA jacket looks really nice……you can’t beat a snood and a good warm hat……

PWL1371 says:

We play winter golf here . At times when the course will allow we play when temps are below freezing . The mittens have to be one of my favorite on this video . Very close second place would be the snood . Wind can do a number on you . Great video !!!

Jon B says:

I tend to overheat even in winter so for me it’s base layer, polo shirt with either a gillet or windstopper jumper if the wind is biting. I’ll also wear Under Armour cold gear gloves but have been thinking of picking up some mittens for a while…. wink wink

MsBibid says:

the ping jacket!!

Mark Sheehan says:

Don’t forget rain gloves!

Philip Boyden says:

Got to be a water proof pair of golf shoes!!!

William Fisher says:

great helpful video think i’ll get a snood

Phil Wratten says:

Ping north jacket and the galvin green snood both equally look great and loved the vlog please keep up the fantastic work

James Jr says:

Under Armour gear looks pretty good

Hack To Scratch Golf says:

Basically I put as much in as I can and still feel like I can swing at least 90%

Barlow260 says:

The bobble hat. Love that it has made a comeback in recent years ⛄

Alister Sidgwick says:

Thanks for the enjoyable and informative video Joel. Best purchase I’ve made for winter golf was indeed a snood, never saw the point of one previously but wouldn’t be without it now.

James Adcock says:

How can u play with temporary greens

Kyle Grona says:

My favorite winter kit is bollock warmers

Graham Stevenson says:

Love my footjoy wet gloves a must on those rainy days and a good umbrella

bernj175 says:

I think another thing which is great for the winter is pocket heat packs. Work for people who can’t wear a lot of layers. Great first vlog. You should invest in a sound muffler for your mic though.

Dolezine says:

cool videos heres what i bring

Pay it Forward says:

Was that Mark Croosfield in the fairway 🙂 #262 – I enjoyed the video mate.

T. Boy says:

I bought the Callaway truvis balls, very easy to see in bad light. I did buy a pair of Taylormade mittens, not great in my opinion as they take up to much room in the bag + they are awkward to put on & take off. Good vlog, but keep the gloves.

Christopher Stobaugh says:

Love the video. Favorite was the UA jacket.

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