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christopher perry says:

Great video keep making the high quality content!

Benicio C says:

What happened to GCQ?

david crawford says:

Still think leadbetter swing setter was best training aid I’ve used just a pity it wasn’t developed further to allow hitting ball but for plane and release best I tried over the years great video as always

Paul Tobin says:

So sorry to hear about the attack. I pray that you, your family and friends were not directly effected by the terror attack. Your first responders and fellow countryman are in our prayers. All of our love and prayers to you from the U.S.A.

Rich Glover says:

Can you try and get hold of some of the shopping TV legends like “The Knife Fairway Wood” and the “Shortgame Wizard”. That would be class.

Golfkid says:

Try an impact snap!

shiftymeister says:

Are you going to test the DST training aid as well?

Owais Baig says:

what would have been good is to retrieve data from your swing path and club face within the club itself. like the zipp but without that annoying thing you put on the glove.

Niall Graham says:

Good man Rick

Master Guru Follower says:

Can you review shot scope please

Precious Snowflake says:

Looks like a piece of useless junk.

Taylor Hammond says:

DST compressor! Took a couple swings with one at PGA superstore and love the idea

Sharon wooster says:

Same concept as leadbetter training aid from 10 years ago with magnetic weights

Enrique Franco says:

Honest Shiels!!!

Thom Bendtsen says:

I love the tour striker

Christian Vargas says:

Hi Rick nice review, I suggest that you could review the tour striker for better ball striking

Golfholics says:

Hey Rick. Will you be in California any time soon? We’d love to do a course vlog with you.

theswordbird22 says:

Rick, if you are wondering what head that is it to me looks like a branded maltby club from golfworks here in the states. The golf club is a Maltby DMB Forged iron from golfworks. I have hit them and they are probably my favorite looking irons out there. So if you or any of your clients like the clubhead I am pretty sure that is it.

Bill Collie says:

there used to be a Leadbetter training aid consisting of 2 x plastic balls cut in half. One set for the backswing and the other for the follow through . The 2 halves would “click” if the tempo was correct

Jake Lorence says:

He should review the DBMs. I am using a set right now and love them. They are also incredibly inexpensive. The issue with maltby is that no one knows who they are.

David Cramphorn says:

Hi Rick, any chance of reviewing the Zepp 2 swing analyser? Thanks, Dave

Adam France says:

jamie purists my chipping and putting has always been scratch golf level since I was a kid, I just have a very natural feel for it

Mark Krstitovic says:

When you said the function of the balls i thought the whole idea of the ball bearings in the shaft would be so when you swing the ball bearing STAYS loaded in the head and DOESNT move!

If it moves that’ll mean your loading your energy out of sync to the head, or thats what i feel it would do anyway

Osnola Kinnard says:

Would love to see you try the Whippy Tempomaster and compare. I love mine, and it has been a major help for me.

kingcharlesXIII says:

Mine makes that sound, but its just rust

Bush Thr33 says:

What screen are you using?

Billy Freeman says:

@RickShielsGolf could you do a review on the Taylormade Mill Grind wedges soon? Thanks sir.

Lane Heinlein says:

Loved the live video!

MissyLaMotte says:

Quick physics lesson: making the balls heavier would not make them fall faster. Gravity works the same for all objects, now matter how much they weigh. It’s a common misconception. The only reason a feather falls slower than a golf ball is it’s shape which makes it float on the air better. If you drop a golf ball and a ping pong ball from the same height, they will hit the ground at the same time. Try it out.

My Amateur Golf says:

Reminds me of the Leadbetter swing setter.

Adam France says:

I’ve gone from 12 handicap to 7 since Christmas using the SWING CLICK

bmackw says:

I have one and it has helped me tremendously. When you hit balls normally after using it, you will have a very slight delay at the top that creates a very smooth transition. I use it every range session and If you get used to the delay for the bearings to drop and use the ground and your core to swing, it works very well. Beginners would definitely struggle with it. More advanced players, who aren’t looking for a quick fix, but long term help with tempo and syncing the swing can benefit. I don’t think the early swing set you show, (TO ME, apologies, I know, you are the pro), is a great way to learn to swing. It works for Danny Willett, but there aren’t many top golfers that hinge that early. A more Steve Stricker move with a more natural hinge seems far easier for beginners and kids that I have helped. I enjoy your videos but think you’ve missed with this one. Just an opinion, certainly not the gospel. I’m always happy to check out your videos and will continue to do so.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Skilz offer a better training aid for the improvement of sequencing the golf swing. It’s called the ‘Gold Flex’, which is essentially a long extremely whippy shaft with a heavy ball on the end of the shaft. If you sequence your swing wrong with it, then you certainly know about it. But when done correctly you get instant feedback of wrist set, not getting too quick from the top and acceleration down at the ball and it prevents early release. It’s an excellent training aid. I’m not a huge fan of training aids in the norm, but I have to admit that the Skilz Gold Flex is excellent.

Chris Walt says:

your taking the club back way too slow…look at @gabegolf_ instagram page where tour players are using it

Joshua Tally says:

Orange whip review!

Jamie Purvis says:

Would this still click with the wrong grip , best way to improve in my opinion is to play golf on the course

Anthony Holland says:

I understand what they’re trying to help… but nearly all tour pros have a fast tempo. Smooth and balanced, yeah… but their ratio of time for backswing to downswing is quick. This seems too slow to ever replicate the actual swing you would actually use. Just my opinion.

Paul Tobin says:

So sorry to hear about the attack. I pray that you, your family and friends were not directly effected by the terror attack. Your first responders and fellow countryman are in our prayers. All of our love and prayers to you from the U.S.A.

Thunder says:

Not a fan of the forced early wrist set. Too many great players don’t do it. If a player does it naturally then fine, but forcing it can really mess up a backswing. IMHO. 🙂

John Lawlor says:

How about a bit more of a shoulder turn? get the head of the club pointing toward the ground John Daly style.. maybe its a John Daly inspired training aid?

Logan Smith says:

These golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) have given me a grasp not just on the how, but the why of the various components of a good golf swing. Right after reading the book 2 times, I had been able to attain 25 more yards on my driver, and 15 more yards on irons. I am now more confident and more happy when playing golf.

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