D1 Nike Gear Apparel | BYU Basketball

Every year, my team is hooked up with some of the best Nike Gear to make sure we preform and look our best walking through, campus and while we are traveling. I thought it would be cool to show you guys the things i got issued this year! I am so excited for all of these pieces and it makes me even more excited for my season coming up. We have official practices starting up this Thursday. LET’S GO COUGS!

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Paris B says:

How tall are you?

MacyEngelmann says:

Do you have to buy it or is it bought for you

Stazia Mack says:

i wish i could wear joggers but i just don’t like how they look on me but all those looked super comfy!!

Steve The legend says:


Hannah Gustafson says:

What is the process that you have to go through to become a D1 athlete?

Maya Rose says:

I love you your videos are awesome and I want to go to byu and also that gear is awesome! Also I love how your original which not a lot of ppl are these days

Cara Roxberry says:

Do u have to pay for all of that or does the school pay for it ???

Katrina Rector says:

Do you always have to wear that gear like not during a game like in lecture halls and in practices? Also, did you have to pay for any of that or is it included with your sports fee? Please do a locker room tour!!

Naef Yusuf says:

Love you

Lailani Blaik says:

Hey Paisley, did you have to take any specific classes/subjects throughout the past few years, that benefited your chances of making the BYU team?

Haley Kay says:

Happy birthday

shamron11me says:

Big fan and I know I’m a day late but happy birthday ❤️

Dj CC says:

Happy very late birthday lol

Colin Brock says:

That was super sick

Ericka Pratt says:

Send me some merch pleaseee

Madeline Roth says:

Do u have to buy it or do they just give it to u

Natalia Liz says:

Are you a Mormon?

Brooklynn20 says:

can they wear like mcdavid knee pads

halliwi1 says:

The only time you’re actually required to wear nike is during your actual game. It’s not in the contract you have to wear it at all times.

Kristina Jewell says:

BOY every good equipment manager knows to take the price tags off the gear before handing it out to the athletes

jordyn kealey says:

What song is ur intro

AR Threat Yt says:

Omg your soooo pretty and thick

Cam T says:

You should do a locker room tour!

JAW ERA says:


The One says:

Why are you low key so pretty

Jocelyne Donat says:

I remember in one of your games last year, I got front row seats and you were back pedaling and you fell, but you kicked your legs up and did like, a backflip on the ground! It was super cool! We asked your mom if she taught you that and she was like, “of course!” P.S. I love your channel so much and I was the 48th subscriber

Radical Finatical says:

Do you keep all this?

Anglea Jennings says:

Did Maria say “she’s a model lesbian”.?

JAW ERA says:

Happy birthday!

Stef says:

Honestly so sad you’re not gay

Peyton Rilatos says:

“She’s not a lesbian” I’m dead

Jim Fritz says:

Can you dance like the mascot?

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