Best Winter Golf Clothing 2018 + Massive Jumper Giveaway

We hate to say it folks but we are approaching that time of year where we have to run down the best winter golf clothing.

Those chilly mornings and blustery afternoons are just around the corner so we need to make sure we have the right gear to enjoy our golf.

Weirdly, we actually look forward to the weather turning a bit cooler as it gives us a chance to dust off a few items which have been clogging up the wardrobe over the past few months.

And it also gives us the chance to test out some fantastic new gear.

We’ve already run down the best winter shoes and waterproof jackets but here we out some top quality zip-ups, pullovers and jackets.
Best winter golf clothing 2018: Under Armour

Under Armour have been making some fantastic golf clothing over the past few years.

It’s no surprise to see them as the brand of choice for many club golfers as it looks great, is loaded with technology but still reasonably priced.

Jordan Spieth Under Armour

Jordan Spieth was showing off a few of the new styles at The Open earlier this year.

The Storm Daytona half-zip is a spacer fleece with internal air pockets to trap added warmth without sacrificing breathability.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £75

We saw Spieth wearing this Storm Playoff half-zip at Carnoustie which repels water but is still soft and comfortable.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £65

More information can be found on the Under Armour website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: FootJoy

FootJoy have continued to cater for a younger section of the golfing population while still providing unlimited options for those who prefer a traditional look.

We absolutely love this new Fleece Quilted Jacked which would get just as much wear off the course as on it.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £120

More information can be found on the FootJoy website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Galvin Green

People often just associate Galvin Green with waterproofs but the Swedish brand have items for all types of weather.

Pullovers like this Diego Insula are worth their weight in gold between September and April and will ensure you get your money’s worth.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £115

The padded Luke Jacket will keep you warm without adding any extra bulk or weight.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £260

More information can be found on the Galvin Green website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Ping

Ping have added Primaloft technology to their cold weather gear as they continue to make clothing which is just as good as their golf clubs.

Ping say the highly breathable, water-resistant Norse Primaloft Zoned Jacket is the ultimate hybrid golf jacket.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £120

The Norse Primaloft Fleece is designed specially to offer warmth while being able to move and retain shape throughout the golf swing.

Best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £100

More information can be found on the Ping website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Adidas

The Go-to Jacket has front zippered pockets that feature an internal headphone pocket for those who like to get some tunes on while grinding at the range.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £69.95

More information can be found on the Adidas Golf website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Puma

Puma say the PWRWARM Dassler Jacket provides the highest warmth to weight ratio on the market.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £130

More information can be found on the Puma website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Glenmuir

This zip-neck lightweight performance golf midlayer is made from performance polyester and elastane for comfort and easy movement during a round.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £55

More information can be found on the Glenmuir website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Ted Baker

Ted Baker’s Comp Funnel-Neck Jumper has stylish striped detailing on the neck and cuffs.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £119

More information can be found on the Ted Baker website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Peter Millar

This super-stylish Pemberton Channel Cord Full-Zip Hybrid has filled front and back panels to provide core body warmth.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £100

More information can be found on the Peter Millar website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Peak Performance

The Men’s Down Helium Hybrid Jacket utilises the brand’s expertise from their winter sports gear to ensure golfer don’t feel the cold.

best autumn golf clothing

More information can be found on the Peak Performance website.

Best winter golf clothing 2018: Kjus

Kjus have been getting some exposure on tour thanks to the likes of Zach Johnson, Ryan Moore and Charl Schwartzel.

The Swiss brand say the long-sleeved Siard Polo is made from an innovative Merino wool blend that is designed to keep you warm with unrestricted movement.

best autumn golf clothing

SRP: £89

More information can be found on the Kjus website.


DRobo says:

Still the worst day’s weather for cold and wind, has to be 38 years ago. My Brother and I played Gullane No1, the wind was so bad the Rain was horizontal. On one high Tee box we could hardly stand up and the wind chill factor was around -2. Crazy to think we finished the 18, we were however young and total Golf addicts.

Juan Garcia says:

Live in Florida, but coldest playing conditions I played 9 holes, was just outside of Boston, MA in October prior to my best friend’s wedding. 40 degrees with blustery wind.

Bandit Baker says:

Christmas Day about 15 years ago I played Worsley Park Marriott Country Club in Manchester, even though the course was “officially” closed. It was a freezing day with temperatures around – 4 deg C and the Greens were that frozen if you landed a full shot on them the Ball bounced about 10ft up in the air!
The Pond in front of the 8th Green was that iced over I managed to bounce my 2nd shot “Dam Buster” style across the Pond and onto the Green! It was a great shot, but I 3 Putted for a Bogey!!!!!!

Barra Lupton-Smith says:

I was playing a yesterday in a storm and I blew over and my wedge got blown away into the bushes and snapped so I went and bought a new kbs tour shaft my hands were basically freezing and wet and my glove got all soggy I play in bray golf club

Andy Holt says:

I play in western NC. I played one one time and it was so sold you had to hit stingers 10-20 yards short of the green as the it was so cold and the ground was so frozen, on the first hole my 9iron from 135 bounced so high in the air from a normal flighted shot it bounced like it was hitting concrete and bounced 20 feet in the air and then OB over the green. No wonder we were the only group off the whole day!

Michael Williams says:

Playing winter golf at Hayling Links golf club with a bitter cold wind blowing off the coast. Even 4 layers plus beanie and mittens couldnt keep me warm that day but still managed to shoot a respectable score despite no feel my hands and feet

Paul MacPherson says:

It’s great playing golf in the far north of Scotland and you can out drive Rory & Tiger, on their good days. Playing golf in multiple layers adds an extra dimension to the golf swing so finding the proper base layers is a must. I think some manufacturers rely too much on the badge over warmth though.

Katherine Goulet says:

I went out golfing with my boyfriend and his brother in law. It was just above freezing, very cold rain!

Adam Goertzen says:

I was on the golf team in Nebraska, we used to have to practice and play when It had snowed, looking for balls and snow drifts wasn’t easy. Still fun you just learn how to swing in a heavy coat.

Lombo21 says:

3 weeks ago played in a scramble tournament when temps were supposed to be about 40 deg Fahrenheit. About 120 golfers and our foursome was only group that did not have propane heaters and fully enclosed plastic covered carts. Teed off in 31 deg and never got above 34 all day. It rained on us on the last 5 holes and didn’t take us long to figure out why everyone had the cold preparations. We learned our lesson and next year will certainly invest in the golf cart propane heater and cover. A nice warm jacket would also go a long way!!

Ville Hietanen says:

Im from finland- do i have to say more

remyd1984 says:

Beast from the East! bout -17 greens froze solid and still had about 16 lads braving it lol every approach shot was a lay up too the front apron

laxmiraj magar says:

I played at Forres golf club in Forres last winter it was freezing cold -2 degree all the ground was and greens was rock hard could not stop the ball on the green but was a nice round of golf.

SamTheMan says:

It was my first ever round with my grandad playing on a links course in the Wirral we walked off after 6 holes having faced 25-30mph gale force winds and the real feel was around -2 degrees Celsius 11 year old me didn’t own a waterproof and was wet through! It was so bad to the point we couldn’t tee the ball up in exposed areas due to the wind!

gavin reams says:

im part penguin & I played in antartica

Duncan Whittaker says:

Think the coldest weather I ever played in was New Years Day 1990… my old home club of Bath Golf Club. Was definitely well below zero and the wind chill was shocking. What made that day so memorable was making a hole in one of the winter tee at the 4th. Thankfully because of the cold weather the clubhouse was pretty empty……so I didn’t have to buy too many drinks.

Chris Hampton says:

I once played a Saturday morning round in Guildford at about -5 degrees. The ground was completely frozen and as a result, I hit one of my drives 365 yards! Ball must have bounced 40ft in the air!

Michael Pasvantis says:

Played in Gainesville, Florida in particularly cold day in January and I was wearing so many layers I could barely take the club back or follow through lol

Robert Gittleson says:

I live on a golf course, we just got some snow and I hit into the par 3 and made the kids search for the multi color balls, only lost 2!

Steven Crighton says:

I play my golf in Scotland, I play near Edinburgh now but as a kid, I played at Monifieth (near Carnoustie) – I’ve definitely got memories of playing in the snow, or on those days where the ball bounces down the fairways like it would bounce down a concrete road. Do you remember those half and half fluorescent ping golf balls? Half pink, half yellow, I used those so you could find them in the snow!

james beeches says:

last year southern valley kent cold to 2 inchs off snow in 15 mins and no were near the club house great lol

Kevin Huish says:

Played as it snowed at Port Stanley Golf Club, Falkland Islands dressed like the Michelin Man and still cold but it was my best round in the 6 months I was stationed there in 1987!

BTatHome says:

Have been wearing the Adidas goto adapt for a while now and love the freedom it gives in the swing.
Worst golf this year was just last week, it was a windy and freezing (4°c) but at least forecast was dry… until we had a random 15mins of driving horizontal rain. Absolutely soaked through, ruined the scoring of a decent round and now wet and cold for the last 9 holes. Miserable winter golf… next time ignore the forecast and carry all my gear all the time!!

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