Adjustment OVERLOAD?! Mizuno GT180 Driver Review

Adjustment OVERLOAD!! Mizuno GT180 Driver Review

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Station 2Station says:

I’ve found, for the last few years, whichever driver I’ve played, I’ve left the adjustments bones stock. (4.1 index). In some (not all) cases, adjusting the driver to achieve loft or a new balance, took the driver out of any kind of normal feel. It just gets hard and weird. Sometimes it’s too closed, sometimes the weights forward ruin the sound/feel. I’ve left everything at A1, base config, always.

Craig Dalglish says:

I know I would be messing around too much with the settings…..I can see it now….few bad shots on the range and I’m lost in the adjustability.

Harry C says:

Play at westport golf club in county mayo it is one of the nicest in Ireland by far in a sunny day it’s a 18 championship course.rory Macelory has played there I think you and Pete would love a little change #ladsweekend

Ivan Torres says:

The blue looks amazing, it is a Mizuno Rick! 😉

Will Held says:

I have a adjustable driver. The only thing I ever change is loft based on wet or dry conditions. I keep everything else natural.

Anthony Cicchi says:

I think adjustability is really good for helping less experienced golfers get more confidence in areas that they struggle with like finding the fairway consistently on drives.

SAN FRAN says:

For the adjust ability to work, you can’t put the club head on the ground right? You have to keep it above the ground I thought. So isn’t it pointless?

Josh Sapara says:

Which mizuno driver did you prefer? The jpx900 or the gt180?
The results/ data you got from the jpx looked better, just wondering why the new improved gt180 didn’t out perform the previous model.
Love watching your reviews, we have the same swing speed and other factors so what your results are are very similar to what I’ll get!

Christopher Keeler says:

£500 For a new driver or stick with your current 1, pay £100 for a few hours of lessons and drive the ball longer with better accuracy.

James Hudson says:

I like the color but I agree with the idea of too much adjustment.

Robert Gleed says:

This is getting a bit mad. I thought the R1 was too much. Encouraging people to tinker is not always a good thing if you don’t know what you are doing

Michael Yanes says:

Color is way better than that ugly blue cobra 3 wood you had for years, come on.

derekhurst9 says:

My driver swing is never consistent enough to even mess around with adjustability. Lessons would be better.

Matt Warren says:

I don’t think you can have too much adjustability. The bigger issue is too much adjusting. The different options are great so it can fit practically everybody, but people need to leave it alone once they’re hitting it well. And the color is awesome! 🙂

MP says:

Too much adjustment unless you know what is optimal for you

Scott Lachance says:

By the time you figure out the settings to match your game a new model will come out

Niall Stark says:

It can’t be that complicated….

ian campbell says:

M1 and M2 / M3 and M4 – some pros like the adjustability and some don’t. But this has gone to far I think.

Eli Beaverson Golf says:

It looks cool yet very busy in the sole…

DB George says:

This driver is too much, in my opinion. Agree with you, the colour makes me hesitate to use it on course. Black crown with the Mizuno blue trim would be enough!

Corbin Bosch says:

Fantastic Review, very interesting seeing how much adjustability is possible in a driver

jrdvn says:

I would love the adjustability

Adam Flynn says:

Whats wrong with tinkering with ur club?
It’s not rocket science to remember the settings you were fit in and put it back again.

John Drake says:

I used to like the idea of moving weights around, probably because I couldn’t afford an R7 when they came out! Now I prefer simplicity in my club selections. It’s a bit like the paradox of choice – fewer options leads to less anxiety.

yousaidwinglikeabirdswing says:

A video for every position would be a great series!… It may take a while mind!

Broad Sg says:

The more the better (for fitters only of course)

Final Intermission says:

Now Rick, how can you say it’s a comprehensive review if you didn’t get 30 shots of data on all 1800 adjustments?

Andrew Somerville says:

I’d prefer the ST180 to the gt, just way to busy with all the adjustability on the gt

Scott Smith says:

Louder noise = vibration = loss of distance.

James Stenson says:

I’m a junior golfer and I think that a little of adjustability in a driver is good.But to much can be confusing.

Mykal Galloway says:

Too much adjustability for my liking….I will play around with the setting too much and mess my already crappy swing up

Benjamin Müller says:

rather than spending too much time complaining about the level of adjustability, you should spend some time explaining the basic ideas of weight balancing and what weight gives what result for the ball flight 😉

Juan Mejia says:

I’m a big fan of your content and it’s great to see your production value is increasing. One complaint however – please stop the clickbait titles to your new videos. I think your content/subscriber count is well above the need for gimmicky titles. Just an opinion, cheers!

Domino Effect says:

I got fitted for the Epic Sub Zero last year, and I don’t mess with the settings much. Here and there I’ll adjust the loft but that’s rare. Once we got my spin rates and launch where we wanted it during the fitting. I just swing the club

mark hodgson says:

8 enough

kgw800 says:

That’s way to complex for my simple mind. I have not even tried adjusting my G400

Philipp Brunner says:

Love the review. Honest and informative !

David t says:

What an awesome look.

Natasha Croft says:

Don’t like the blue but loved old bluey 3 wood?

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q. What do you think about the adjustment overload?

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Lance Sedevie says:

I like the adjustments and striking blue color

brian burch says:

Why is it that the blue is bothersome in the driver, but not in trusty ol’ bluey that has had a spot in the bag for quite a while now? Hasn’t it been over a year with the f7 3 wood in the bag second longest tenure?

Andres Cordovez says:

A bit excessive for me, would mess up with my head and game

Gary Lewis says:

Too many options rediculous

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