A Golfer Would Appreciate This..INSANELY CHEAP Footjoy Titleist Apparel Polos | Savers Thrift Haul

Ronnies Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/hartsmotorcompany

WE CRUSHED THIS SAVERS! 11 footjoy polo golf shirts! Are you kidding me!? About $30 resale is easily 10x that! MSRP is like 30x that! Footjoy Titleist is a grail when it comes to golf polos and golf apparel in general. Good luck finding it, I know you will one day!

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kjac23 says:

Willing to take a loss on the bear rug?

Andrew Lee says:

I got 13 of these for free from a buddy all new with tags or used once. Sell one up to $100 every day. All my shirts are like the green one at the end.

Carlos Benjamin says:

Take photos of the bear wearing the shirts to enhance the value of each….. Or bundle the bear with the best shirt.

Aaron K says:

Congrats on the score, but you are not using the terms “assets” and “liabilities” correctly. Just because you bought something and the value went down, doesn’t make it a “liability.” Your student loans are liabilities. If you bought the shirts with a credit card, but haven’t yet paid the bill, that’s a liability.

Laure Anne says:

More van lifestyle videos. Snack of the day as well. Thanks!

Mary Rehill says:

Thank you for this video! I picked up 2 of the FJ with the Titleist patch on the sleeve and I never would have if I didn’t see this video! 🙂

Freestyle Finds says:

the FootJoy “DryJoys” are great to pick up too <3

Alan C says:

Frift Joy achieved…

Timothy Thomas says:


Corey Shores says:

Grip it, rip it and hit a hole-in-one! Now, that’s a score to be proud of… definitely a little jealous. But if not me, can’t think of a better guy to get the goods… congrats!

Antique Queen says:

Wow what a score!

Hart Pickers says:

Thanks for the love. That green one should be $100. Great color. Great find

Debs Treasurez says:

Great score!

cool hand souk says:

Great polos!! The button neck is called a Placket (3-button placket, 2-button placket).

Shane J says:

Jackpot! My guess is that the previous owner didn’t buy these. They pry worked for titleist

Codey Orgill says:

The FJ mother lode!! That rich golfer smell with increase resale value! lol..

Josh Mann says:

Yes I use to buy these as well years ago. I found they didn’t care much for the ones with logos from country clubs etc. I was making pretty good money but then it went down. Now I’m stuck with all these shirts and shorts and even golf shoes in my closets. I use to sell these on eBay. Nothing beats earning a real paycheck from a job.

masterchief88 says:

Nice man! Great score! Love the bear updates in the last couple vlogs…. “And… the bear is… still here.”

Kayla H - The eCommerce Mom says:

What does a rich golfer smell like? lol Great score! 🙂

Zach says:

I stopped looking at clothing when thrifting, now I gotta look again for home runs like this. Sweet finds dude.

FlippinTobyland says:

Good lord that is a haul there, nice!

Bryan Huntsman says:

Awesome Polos. I agree the last XL Polo has the greatest value.

JUSTINventory says:

Great score! I’m a golfer but I wear XL.

David Cracraft says:

I’ve done pretty good on FJ golf shoes. The town North of me is a retirement village full of people with money. There are 7 golf courses there and sometimes I find the golf shoes there for a great price!

Cathy Borgelt says:

WTG Eric!!!!

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