3 golf shots you NEED to LOWER YOUR SCORE!

3 golf shots you NEED to LOWER your score!

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John Wilson says:

Hi Rick bit off topic but have u tested any yes putters? Thanks

National Club Golfer says:

Nice video Rick!

jay jones says:

Thanks for all your videos, they have helped me tremendously.

LB says:

i now know i have been chipping over big bunkers wrong… and now its the end of the year D:

BigH says:

i find the bump and run shot the most hardest i always over hit it or under hit it

Peter PETER says:

video seems rushed
good instructions but hurried

felixcpt1 says:

Great video Rick! Just started playing with a 60 degree and it has improved my short game a lot.

Liam Ellison says:

Great video Rick!!! But for the low bump and run shot could I use a pitching wedge?

Cpk Unlimited says:

As always good video

Alan Heseltine says:

Good video Rick, this is the area I struggle with the most and I have been working on it all season so far

Chris Mayor says:

Great video thanks Rick. Flop shot is the one I struggle with

Dorian Fourie says:

Thanks so much Rick. All 3 shots are ones that I struggle with but will be practicing it more using these tips

John Francis Kennedy says:

These three shots don’t help him beat female pros…

Maiken Bacon says:

Great video rick

glanemann says:

Good video. I do need to get a 60 degree wedge. I always seem to forget to switch to an 8-iron when I’m close to the green to just get it up onto the green because I’ll pull out my sand wedge and hit it too hard or hit it thin and running across the entire green.

Sam Morrissey says:

The key is practice…top work Rick..

Maiken Bacon says:

Well done rick amazing video

S S says:

I’ve learned so much from binge watching your videos. It’s like still having my own golf pro, but a lot less expensive. I love the videos, Rick!

Red Red Blue Music says:

What about Mickelson’s hinge and hold technique? Sounds like you’re not a fan.

dean house says:

worked well yesterday…thanks Rick…its cool here in Canada playing in the fall.Was wondering if you could do a challenge when you have time…a cold golfball vs a warm or hot golfball…is there a difference between the two….with driver and say 7 irion

Diamnzpuck says:

sup Rick ! love you and finch course vids. old days

Benjamin White says:

Woods from the fairway are an utter disaster for me

Maiken Bacon says:

You are the best youtuber in the world

Paul Watson says:

Always struggle with the 60 degree, having the confidence to go with the speed to get through the shot, always use 9 iron for the bump and run and very rarely does it let me down

Alan Parks says:

Watched this video and then a couple hours later I hit the same shot over the sand and put it two feet from the hole. Felt pretty good.

Craig Fletcher says:

Down hill green side bunker with no room between you and the flag

Corey B says:

More videos like this.

Sir Les says:

400 K well done Rick.

Andy A says:

I struggle with sand, and lob wedges. I hit my gap wedge 115, my pitching wedge 125, my 9 iron 135, but my sand wedge I can only hit about 85y I struggle with accuracy with S, and L wedges as well.

cody states says:

Love videos like this! Great work Rick! I honestly use my 60 degree all around the green. I do flop a few shots when sitting clean on the short grass. I need to try this 8 iron trick!!! Thanks!

Smash Factor Golf says:

Very simple explanation! Great video!

Rich 1 says:

Congrats on 400k subs rick! Been with you since before 75k!

Joe Perez says:

Been using Shot #1 for 15 years with a variety of clubs, depending on how much rollout is needed. But it will only really work (as with Shot #2) from short grass (fringe, fairway).

Derrick says:

I’m putting from the first spot lol

DonWhon875 says:

Sweet moves

Cyril Garin says:

I went to this Ryder Cup and saw Rory and Justin training. Short game is key, they were amazing in this area. Your tee shot doesn’t count if you can’t approach+putt in 40 yards

Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Ben Garrison says:

Make a best 3-woods of 2018 video because I’m in need of one and don’t know what to get

Maiken Bacon says:

How long have you been playing golf for cuz you good

Peter Smyth says:

This is great thank you for the help

joe trotter says:

nice video

Jared Montalbano says:

Will you be reviewing the new Srixon irons Rick?

Paul Goodier says:

I have a 65 deg love it because I dont need to open the face I just lay it square…..thanx fir the Video Rick

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